I am a Full Stack Developer
focused on UI/UX Design
and based in Little Rock, AR.

Matthew McMillion
Developer and UI/UX Designer

Who I Am

I am a builder. I've spent my entire life building things, from Lego sets to million dollar infrastructures. Creating things is my passion.

I am a learner. I crave knowledge and experience. Every skill I don't know is a fresh opportunity to learn something new.

I am a minimalist. I am devoted to beautiful design and clean code. Minimal is clean. Minimal is beautiful.

I am a visionary. I can see the big picture, but I can also revel in the details. I understand where technology is going, and I build for the future.

What I Do

I make. I design clean interfaces and polished experiences for all users, from existing code or from the ground up.

I engage. I'm not afraid to work directly with clients, shareholders, or management. Technology is nothing if it doesn't work for everyone.

I explore. I am constantly finding ways to better myself and what I create. My work is never done, only moving forward.

I teach. I strive to teach others what I learn. I am a fanatic about my field, and I desire to share that with others.

I care. This industry is my future. I want to help it continue to thrive for everyone, regardless of race, gender, lifestyle, or browser choice.


Front End
HTML 5 / JavaScript / CSS 3
Slim / CoffeeScript / SASS / Less
Mobile-First / Responsive Design
Server Side
Ruby / Ruby on Rails
Rake / Gulp / Deployment Automation
Heroku Administration
Linux and Unix Administration / LAMP
MySQL / Postgres / SQL Server / SQLite
Amazon S3 / CloudFront
Design, Planning and Practices
Wireframing / Architecture / Planning
Photoshop / Illustrator / Sketch
Ideation / Stakeholder Interviews
Team Management
Test-Driven Development